Recruitment Services

Commercial truck drivers are in high demand! TCS helps fill the vacant seats with quality company, independent contractor and small fleet candidates that meet our clients qualification requirements.

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Regulatory Compliance

What would happen if the DOT showed up at your office today?  Are your driver qualification and equipment files in order?

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Professional Services

TCS can manage the administrative services required for independent contractors/owner operators.

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TransReg Compliance

More and more companies are realizing the advantage of partnering with a trusted source to navigate the day to day requirements of driver recruitment and transportation compliance.  TransReg Compliance Solutions, LLC (TCS), offers a host of solutions designed to simplify these requirements leaving the business time to run the business. Our diverse portfolio of experience allows us to tailor programs to meet your unique business needs no matter how big or small.

We provide solutions for driver recruitment, driver applicant processing, independent contractor programs, CSA monitoring and DATAQ challenges, DQF and equipment file maintenance, driver retention programs, customized safety meetings and orientation, mock audits and more.  We can also assist with federal and state related registrations, renewals and permits.

With a team of industry experts TransReg Compliance Solutions, LLC (TCS) can help improve your operations by ensuring your fleet is legal, compliant and a company your customers see as a first-class operation.


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